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A moment in time... (because you know that name hasn't been over done)

Bad setup but wanted to finally post something. Thank heavens for editing. :-)

Clark sat in his seat fidgeting as the collar of his rented tuxedo rubbed at his neck. To say nothing of what it was doing in other places. He tugged at the collar with one finger, then pant legs again to relieve some of the pressure. How Lex had been able to talk him into this Opera still couldn't be determined. Clark wasn't that big of an opera fan, believing it all to be the 'Waistline Enhanced' Viking woman productions from commercials and Bugs Bunny. Lex had promised him that wasn't the case and that he would enjoy this one.

Glancing over at Lex, Clark leaned in and said softly, "What's the name of this again?"

Lex looked at him and arched one eyebrow. "It's called Ah-per-ah, Clark. I would have thought even you could remember that." Lex smiled at the crease that appeared between Clarks eyebrows and continued, "Clark, I'm joking. It's called “Salome,” an opera by Richard Strauss based on the play by Oscar Wilde."

“Who?” Clark asked in puzzlement.

Lex sighed with exasperation. “Oscar Wilde, the writer… I thought your Journalism program included some type of literature.” The smile tugging at his mouth proved he was just joking though.

The lights began to dim and a hush fell over the throngs of people. Clark whispered “It does, but I don’t start at Metropolis University for another week, Lex. Once I do though, I’ll be sure and look him up.”

Lex merely snorted his dissent, and turned his attention to the stage as the first act began.

Clark watched as the lights came up on stage. His first impression was of an old Roman court. He wasn't sure what to expect because Lex hadn't been very forthcoming in details, however he was sure that he caught several biblical sounding names. As the opera moved on, he was sure it was a typical 'girl meets boy, father hates boy, girl defies father to get boy'. He was extremely surprised when the main character, Salome, began dancing and taking off veils though. He tried to catch Lex's attention but he was occupied with the goings on up on the stage. When Clark looked back, she was removing her last veil and began dancing in the nude. When she finished dancing, his hands moved to applaude but found his wrist grasped in Lex's hand.

"Not yet." Lex whispered softly, without taking his eyes off the woman. "Wait for the curtain to drop".

Chagrined, Clark moved his arms back the arm wrest. Wondering if it would be rude to rub at the tickle Lex's gentle grasp had created with the hair on his wrist, he nearly missed it when the severed head was brought to the woman. With an audible gasp, his breathe caught and his eyes grew wide as she began to lustily kiss the lifeless lips of the man she loved. Dumbfounded, he could only sit and stare as the soldiers moved forward to kill her, as per her fathers request. He began to applaude a full minute after everyone else; it took Lex's elbow to remind him not to be rude.
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