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Scene 4?

Finally I actually managed to write my part, and damn I somehow wrote over two pages 0.0 Anyways I hope this is ok?

BTW lola_thursday it is now your turn, if you are still interested in playing? :D

Clark kept looking at his new friend as he followed her into the foyer. He tried not to stare but he had never met a woman like her before. She seemed to exude Metropolis in everything she did. She possessed a refinement that people in Smallville just didn’t have.

Well except for Lex, he realized, who managed to not only look refined while at the opera but in almost any situation. The man even somehow looked calm and collected while being attacked by various meteor mutant psychos. Clark couldn’t help but wonder how this obviously city bread Metropolis woman might fare in the same circumstances.

“This way,” The woman leaned over to whisper in his ear, pulling him out of his Lex-centric thoughts. Pointing a perfectly manicured nail towards one of the various low couches, she led the way, pulling his arm to assure he followed.

Covering his lapse in attention Clark looked around the room as they walked, taking in their new surroundings. The foyer was sparsely decorated with couches and tables, an area set aside for those inclined towards more private conversations. It was just to the left of the regular lobby and much smaller in size.

Sitting demurely on a low couch the woman crossed her legs before patting the couch next to her in invitation.

“My name is Cecile,” she finally offered, pulling Clark’s champagne from his hand before leaning forward to whisper in his ear, “So you said Smallville? Are all the boys from there so healthy?”

“Umm...I was raised on a farm.” He automatically replied, blushing as he realized how silly that made him sound.

“A farm?” Cecile laughed the idea obviously foreign to her. Reaching out she rubbed his upper arm before gripping it tightly and squeezing. “I suppose that would certainly explain a lot, what do they feed boys like you?” Her lips almost brushing Clark’s ears as she spoke, her tone turning sultry.

“Organic food…” Clark answered, honestly confused at the turn the conversation had taken. What did his eating habits have do with anything? His head still felt fuzzy and a new buzzing sound had began in both his ears, his face felt so hot, he was sure that if Cecile got any closer she would burn herself.

“So, I saw that you came with Lex Luthor, he a friend of yours?” Cecile asked, smiling slyly as if she had just said something rather clever.

Her tone was light, but Clark could detect something in the background of it that made him want to clamp up and not say a thing, and her smile just seemed wrong. It made him feel some how… dirty.

“We’re friends.” He replied not offering more.

“Really? From Smallville…? What kind of friends?” Her tone seemed to be saying two things at once, and was definitely much more interested. Her hand gripped his arm tighter, she sounded eager.

Clark suddenly felt trapped, Cecile’s hand on his arm was like a vice, her eyes wide and that uncanny smile still on her lips.

“Uhh...” mind going blank for a moment Clark really wasn’t sure what to say. The alcohol seemed to be churning in his stomach, the once pleasant feeling fading to strong discomfort. He had never been affected so much by alcohol before. Then again he had never drank champange before either.

“Cecile, now this is an all time low. Harassing small town college boys?”

Clark’s heart did a flip flop at the familiar voice. There was no mistaking that refined snark. Only Lex would be able to pull something like that off.

Pulling away from Cecile, Clark stood too quickly, causing the room to spin in a most unappetizing and disorientating way. There was suddenly a very loud rushing in his ears. Back peddling for a moment he tried to catch his balance before a strong arm reached out to steady him.

“Lex….” Cecile said in the background, “How nice to see you.” She didn’t sound even remotely sincere in Clark’s opinion.

“You know Cecile, I had heard that the Inquirer was hard up for a story but I hadn’t realized that their reporters were willing to intoxicate and seduce under aged college students.” Lex sounded as angry as Clark had ever heard him. “I’m sure there are some laws against that.”

“Under aged?” Cecile asked, sounding less sure of herself.

Turning into Lex, Clark grabbed a hold of the other man’s lapel, and leaned into him. He was finding it increasingly hard to stand, and the warmth of Lex’s body was somehow comforting. How could he have been such a fool?

“Yes quiet.” Lex answered, his arm tightening around Clark. “Actually he just graduated from high school." his tone turning darker more threatening, "Think he might like that rag you call a magazine as a graduation gift? Wonder what kind of job you could look forward to then?”

Clark eyes widened, he could count the number of times he had heard Lex sound so serious, so dangerous, on one hand. Looking up from Lex’s shoulder he watched the color fade from Cecile’s face. She looked frightened.

“Well, have a nice night.” She choked, mustering what was left of her dignity, before turning abruptly on heel and leaving quickly.

Clark watched as Lex’s eyes followed Cecile, he had a feeling that Lex was not going to let this go.

“I’m sorry Lex” he whispered to his friend, hoping that Lex wouldn’t be upset at how completely small town boy Clark had played it this evening. The night had certainly taken a turn for the worse.
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